4 Points to Consider When Designing a Conveyor System

Define the product

One of the first steps that should be taken when designing a conveyor system is to define the product and all of its characteristics. Size, rate, density, and fragility of product are usually some of the first characteristics to be defined, but other attributes such as corrosiveness, tackiness, product temperature, and angle of repose are other key factors that need to be considered in order to design a successful conveying system.

Determine the environmental conditions

Sanitation standards, cleaning procedures, room temperature, and atmospheric conditions will define conveyance methods and equipment construction. A successful conveying system will be designed to match the specifications of its intended application.

Think outside of the box

– Usually customers know what does and does not work when referring to the conveyance of their individual products, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think outside of the box when designing a conveying system for their needs. Each application is different, but by considering different conveyance methods and design opportunities that haven’t necessarily been laid-out on the table, you may uncover ways to design a more effective system.

Reflect on the past

– When designing a conveyor system, it is good practice to use past experiences to guide your thought process. Chances are that no two applications will be the exact same. There will almost always be something different about each individual situation, but you should still rely on your past experiences to help mold your approach to a new project.

One thought on “4 Points to Consider When Designing a Conveyor System”

  1. You made a good point that there is no clear-cut way to design a conveyor belt so there is some merit to thinking outside the box. A former classmate of mine from several culinary classes recently offered a partnership with me to open a sushi restaurant with great emphasis in emulating sushi bars all over Japan. Perhaps it would be good to start looking for a conveyor belt fabricator as early as now since we will be needing that for the bar.

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