Bucket Lifts & Flighted Incline Conveyors

When product flow requires a change in elevation, Smalley bucket lifts and flighted incline conveyors can be customized to offer the best in product handling while meeting application specific requirements.

Smalley bucket elevators come in three models: SP, IP, & LP (max capacities: 530, 1,090 & 2,340 ft.3/hr.). Within each base model, our lifts can be further customized by the width of the bucket lift and the buckets they use. This allows Smalley to dial in the right lift for any application.

Smalley flighted incline conveyors are designed to be customized for a wide variety of applications. Our designs can incorporate numerous special added functions, such as metal detection with product reject chutes and clean in place spray assemblies. Conveyor widths and lengths are available to suit the application requirements. Frame designs are available in stainless steel or carbon steel with unlimited configurations and belt options. All Smalley Conveyors are designed for durability, reliability, and easy cleaning.

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