Horizontal Motion Conveyors

Smalley’s AutoGlide® Horizontal Differential Motion Conveyor is the answer for products which benefit from a sliding action, rather than the conventional lift and pitch action of vibrating conveyors. Your fragile products will be conveyed without fear of breakage. Your powder-coated product will arrive with coating intact.

The AutoGlide® is offered with a wide range of options. Conveyor lengths and widths are available to suit application requirements. All pans are sanitary stainless steel; however, various screens, coatings and surface finishes are offered. The conveyor may be floor-mounted or hung from the ceiling. Sanitary frame designs are available in satin finished stainless steel or white food grade urethane, enamel-coated carbon steel. Single or multiple gates may be used for bottom discharge. The drop height of the product transfer is minimal preventing product damage. The drive unit may be located in several positions as the application requires. Conveying speed may be adjusted at the turn of a knob if variable speed is required.

  • Delivers fragile products without damage.
  • Coated and seasoned products retain their coating.
  • Products not segregated by “shuffle” conveying.
  • Clean design promotes sanitation.
  • USDA models available.
  • Oil-free drive delivers low maintenance.
  • Long conveyor lengths.
  • Gates deliver product to multiple locations.

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