Storage Conveyors

The Storveyor™ Product Storage System

The Smalley Storveyor™ is the answer to uniform flow of product from processing to packaging. The Storveyor can provide surge protection for packaging by providing in-line storage of product between processing and packaging. Storveyor™ systems will also provide off-line storage of product when the packaging machine is down, or when production exceeds the limits of packaging or when there is a time frame difference between processing and packaging. Smalley offers a wide range of options to meet most operating requirements. Last-in-first-out (LIFO) systems offer a very economical method of packaging surge protection and temporary storage of product during short packaging stoppages.

Storveyor optional intake units offer First-in-first-out (FIFO) capability when storage time is a factor. FIFO systems feature storage loading units of several designs which have been developed for gentle handling of most food products. Storveyor designs are selected to meet the exact requirements of each application, no matter how small or how complex the system requirements, Smalley Storveyor is the answer to process product storage.

  • Belt conveyor, vibratory conveyor, bucket conveyor intake systems.
  • Vertical and Horizontal motion loading systems.
  • Storveyor bed types, fabric, plastic modular, thermoplastic, or stainless-steel slats.
  • Discharge configurations; in-line or right angle

Storage Bins & Hoppers

Stoker Feeder Hopper

Smalley manufactures many different styles of Feeder Hoppers to complement your material handling needs. Capacities range from a simple 3 cubic-foot transition chute with electromagnetic feeder to smooth out product surge, to hoppers of all shapes and sizes serving as a holding device providing controlled metered product flow, such as not to overflow downstream equipment.

Feeder Hoppers constructed of stainless steel are available in a variety of sanitary finishes to suit your application including; dimpled stainless for not-so-free flowing products, a variety of stainless finishes, and coatings such as a nitrile baked on coating for fragile products. Conveying capacities range from a trickle feed up to 1500 cubic feet per hour. The feeder hoppers come complete with support stands, generally carbon or stainless-steel construction, and on the smaller units mobile hopper feeders are available using adjustable locking casters.

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