Linear Wave Conveyor

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Featuring Gateless Distribution

Smalley Manufacturing is offering a new style of conveyor primarily for the food industry. This conveyor is an extension of our horizontal motion line of conveyors and will resolve some existing challenges that are a persistent impediment to the food conveying industry. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Multiple conveying profiles to properly handle various products on the same conveyors
  • Gateless product distribution
  • Gentle handling
  • Easy to clean product pans
  • Easy to remove product pans
  • Low profile drive mechanism
  • Bi-directional conveying
  • Greater than 40 FPM conveying speeds (top speeds are product dependent)
  • Greater than 5º uphill conveying

Features Coming Soon

  • Proportional Gating
  • NEMA 4X wash-down

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