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Smalley Belt Conveyors are designed to meet the needs of an application where off-the-shelf. mass-produced conveyors will not do the job. Smalley designs are able to incorporate a wide variety of special added functions, such as the metal detecting and continuous weighing of conveyed products.

Open tubular frames, open sliderbed, closed sliderbed and troughing roller bed are a few of the standard options available for the Smalley Belt Conveyor. Smalley offers a wide range of options to meet most operating requirements. Conveyor widths and lengths are available to suit any application requirements. Sanitary frame designs are available in stainless steel or carbon steel with unlimited configurations. We offer a wide variety of belts keeping pace with the latest industry sanitation requirements and belt technology

Smalley Belt Conveyors can have structural members that are oriented on edge to eliminate flat dirt catching surfaces, extra heavy bearing mounts and connecting plates for stability which means fewer tracking problems, and high efficiency drives. Stainless steel bearings with stainless steel housings are used where required. Food contact approved UHMW is used for bearings and belt carrier way on many designs.

*We have new positive drive belt conveyor designs that feature easy to remove guards, transitions, and belts for easy cleaning in an effort to reduce sanitation downtime. *

All Smalley Conveyors are designed for optimum Durability, Reliability and Easy Cleaning.

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