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Constant Velocity Spiral Letdown Chutes

Smalley Manufacturing is able to offer stainless steel constant velocity spiral letdown chutes that are specifically designed to maintain constant product velocity and reduce acceleration for letdown applications. These spiral chutes are able to be customized to unique environments where off-the-shelf solutions are not viable. Constant velocity spiral let down chutes have been used successfully with snack foods, cookies, crackers, candy, nuts, pasta, cereals, grains, pet food, and more.

Benefits include:

  • Stainless steel, all-welded construction
  • Sanitary, easy to clean design
  • Quick, gentle handling that reduces breakage
  • Constant product velocity down the spiral
  • Efficient use of space
  • No maintenance required

Gentle Spiral Letdown Systems

Smalley Manufacturing also offers a tote fill unit – “GSLS” – specifically designed to fill totes efficiently while lowering the product gently into the bin. The system incorporates a steel holding bin mounted on a sturdy tubular construction platform. The product is then gently and precisely conveyed from the bin via an electromagnetic feeder on to the constant velocity spiral

The spiral is specifically designed to maintain a constant conveying speed that will reduce degradation to the product. Once the tote is in position and presented for filling by the roller feed system, the spiral will lower to within a foot of the bottom of the tote, then slowly raise as the product fills the tote, leaving a minimum amount of product free-fall that will in turn reduce the degradation.

The product and tote weight is constantly monitored by load cells sitting directly below the tote. A leveling shaker is also included to condense the volume of the product into the tote. Once the tote reaches the desired weight, the spiral will fully retract and the now filled tote will be conveyed into a staging area while a new tote enters the system.

The control system is state of the art using Allen Bradley components with a fully integrated tough screen for easy operation. Our controls shop is UL listed and strictly complies the latest codes; we will also engineer our controls using components of your preference.

Dependent upon the sanitation requirements, the unit can be manufactured from all stainless steel for complete wash-down, or more economical carbon steel with stainless contact parts.


– Compact and robust design

– Gentle on your products

– Fully automated system

– Tote staging can be increased or decreased

– Manufactured to meet your sanitation requirements

– Proven technology backed by the Smalley name for excellence

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