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Smalley Manufacturing manufactures many different styles of Feeder Hoppers to complement your material handling needs. Capacities range from a simple 3 cubic foot transition chute with electromagnetic feeder to smooth out product surge, to hoppers of all shapes and sizes serving as a holding device whilst product is conveyed out at a controlled rate such as not to surge feed downstream equipment.

Feeder Hoppers constructed of stainless steel are available in a variety of sanitary finishes to suit your application including dimpled stainless for not-so-free flowing products and a variety of stainless finishes. Conveying capacities range from a trickle feed to 1500 cubic feet per hour is available. The feeder hoppers come complete with support stands generally carbon or stainless steel construction, and in the smaller units mobile hopper feeders are available also.

Dependent upon the process requirements, once the product leaves the hopper screening feeders are also available for oversize product and fines removal.

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