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The Storveyor™ Product Storage System

The Smalley Storveyor is the answer to uniform flow of product to packaging. The Storveyor can provide surge protection for packaging by providing in-line storage of product between processing and packaging. Storveyor systems will also provide off-line storage of product when the packaging machine is down, or when production exceeds the limits of packaging or when there is a time frame difference between processing and packaging.

Smalley offers a wide range of options to meet most operating requirements. Last-in-first-out (LIFO) systems offer a very economical method of packaging surge protection and temporary storage of product during short packaging stoppages. Storveyor optional intake units offer First-in-first-out (FIFO) capability when storage time is a factor. FIFO systems feature storage loading units of several designs which have been developed for gentle handling of most food products. Storveyor designs are selected to meet the exact requirements of each application, no matter how small or how complex the system requirements, Smalley Storveyor is the answer to in process product storage.

Additional Options:

  • Belt conveyor, vibratory conveyor, bucket conveyor intake systems.
  • Vertical motion loading, Horizontal motion loading, Vertical and Horizontal motion loading systems.
  • Storveyor bed types, fabric food grade belt, plastic food grade belt, stainless steel slats.
  • Discharge configurations; in-line or right angle, conveyor belts or vibratory conveyors.

USDA accepted models available.

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